At Sunset Homes, we aren’t just the builders, designers, or architects. We are listeners. We are guides. We love detailS, timeless style, and construction that lasts. From the initial concept down to the last bulb, we work without clients to create homes that are truly and uniquely their own. We promise efficiency, quality, transparency and a home-building process that’s just as satisfying as the final “jingle” of keys in your hand.


As the president of Sunset Homes, Todd Glandt has been building superior quality homes in the greater Cheyenne area since 2002. A Cheyenne native, and a licensed general contractor, Todd works tirelessly to ensure that every detail of the home building experience is exceptional. Todd oversees each project intently to ensure the highest level of excellence. Former clients can confirm Todd’scharacter, reputation, professionalism, and the level of his honest nature.